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Pain Relief Without Pills

Emmett TechniqueEmm-Tech is a short course available to the general public offering a small, focused set of skills and knowledge which help to ease pain and discomfort. The eight-hour course is taught by qualified tutors using simple terminology and is easy to learn. No prior experience or training is needed. We are able to share with you moves for neck, shoulders, arms, legs, chest and lower back. These releases are shown to you and may be used for self-help or to aid family, friends and those around you that are in discomfort or with restricted range of movement. Tight or painful areas can be released almost instantaneously.

Emm-Tech course

Each short course is of eight hours duration, taught in two four-hour sessions, at the end of which you will receive a free DVD to revise your learning of pain relief without pills. The sessions will be a mixture of demonstration, explanation and hands-on practice, in a friendly and informal atmosphere. All of the Emm-Tech UK tutors are experienced therapists, who have completed the six modules of The Emmett Technique and have worked personally with Ross Emmett

The valuable skills learned on this course do not equate to a professional qualification and care must be taken to ensure that a qualified practitioner is consulted as necessary.

When is the next Emm-Tech short course?

Emm-Tech UK short courses are being held regularly, to find out when and where the next one is, email or call Nic on 07825286627, or follow the link to the official Emm-Tech UK website.

Pain relief without pills, let’s make a difference.

This course does not, on its own, constitute a professional qualification and participants are advised to seek professional help where appropriate.