Relieve Pain & Discomfort by Combining Gentle Muscle Work Therapies

Lymphatic System data collection Study


Complimentary 1st treatment for Lymphoedema & Oedema sufferer's interested in contributing to research data being collected on the effect of The Emmett Technique on the Lymphatic system.

What is the Emmett Technique?
A gentle soft tissue therapy involving the application of light pressured touch at particular points and sequences that can allow for the gentle physical release of muscle groups. This can result in the relief of pain, discomfort and restriction.

What would the treatment involve?
A visit to my Blandford or Salisbury Clinic. A brief consultation form to be filled in. Measurements of affected areas with anonymous photos taken prior to treatment and 24hrs after. This may require the marking of a point on the skin with pen to allow for consistent measurements to be taken. Treatment can easily be performed through thin light clothing and usually whilst lying down on a treatment couch. Therapy can also be performed sitting if client is unable to lie down. Session would last up to 45 mins and would be followed preferably with a glass of water.

Who would suit this treatment?
Anyone suffering with current swelling due to a lymphatic discrepancy of any kind. E.g.; lymph nodes removed or damaged due to surgery or injury. Fluid retention of any kind possibly due to medication or diseases.

What's the next step if I'm interested?
Give myself, Nic, an email on this address and I shall be in touch. or alternatively call me direct 07825286627.

I look forward to hearing from you.